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Elon Musk Promotes FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 On Twitter

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The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk seems to be pretty much into promoting the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. With his latest investment that’s surrounded by a lot of controversy and criticism, Musk seems to make it to use by posting about the biggest sports event in the world.

Well, the billionaire made his first tweet promoting FIFA days before the opening ceremony on November 18, 2022. In his fun way of making tweets, he appealed all the audience to watch the match on Twitter for the best coverage & real-time commentary; confusing as all his tweets. he wrote,

First World Cup match on Sunday! Watch on Twitter for best coverage & real-time commentary.

Here is the Twitter post.

This was soon followed by another post which more seemed like banter. Posting a clip from the movie Spiderman, Musk made a satirical statement about how the FIFA World Cup & Trump have been taking a toll on Twitter servers. Here is the clip:

The Tesla CEO again came humorous hours before the FIFA Opening Ceremony where he out of nowhere asked to watch the match on Twitter.

Well, his latest tweet regarding the World Cup was on the same day that is 20 November 2022, where hs posted a clip of Jungkook and in the caption wrote, “World Cup Qatar 2022: Opening Ceremony.”

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