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Gavi & Spain Crown Princess Leonor: Future Spanish star Gavi might forced in early retirement

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One of the most exciting prospects in world football, Gavi might have to face a serious predicament in the future, his football career or love.

It is reported that Spain’s crown princess, Princess Leonor has a serious crush on the Spaniard. Felipe VI of Spain was in Doha, Qatar watching his opening country’s rout over Costa Rica. After Spain‘s emphatic win against Costa Rica, Leonor’s dad, the current king of Spain, Felipe VI of Spain, went to the dressing room and have Gavi sign a shirt.

The shirt that the king was holding was of small size which definitely wouldn’t fit the king, so it is assumed he had got the shirt for his eldest daughter. As reported by FootballEspana, she seemingly has a deep crush on the 18-year-old. The 17-year-old princess also has a lot of photos of the future Spanish star in her school folder which says a lot about her infatuation with Gavi.

So what does the future hold for Gavi and Princess Leonor?

As the oldest child of Felipe VI and his wife Princess of Asturias, Princess Leonor is the next in line to the Spanish throne. If everything goes the way every tabloid is claiming it would, then Gavi will have to relinquish his football career. Why?

After he marries the Princess, he automatically becomes a pivotal part of the Royal Family giving him a lot of royal activities to indulge in, leaving no time for his football career.

There have been many reports coming from a source close to Football Club Barcelona that Gavi’s teammates have started teasing him by the name ‘prince.’

Spanish Princess Leonar Gavi
Spanish King asked Gavi to sign a shirt for his daughter.

During the match against Costa Rica, he became the second youngest player to score in a world cup game, the first one being Pele.

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