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Mbappe sends a heart-warming message to Cameroon and Algeria Fans

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We all know that Kylian Mbappe, one of the biggest football prospects in the world of football, plays for the French national team, having been born and raised in a European country. However, many of you might not know that he could’ve played for either Algeria or Cameroon especially for later if things were somehow different.

As SportsMundial reported that Mbappe really wanted to play for his dad’s country Cameroon’s national team, but when they approached the country’s FA, they asked for money in order to Kylian be named in their squad and that’s why the Mbappe family decided to stop pursuing. Fortunately for Kylian, he got himself selected by the French FA, and today, he has won a world cup with Les Bleus and is on the verge of winning another one.

Kylian Mbappe Cameroon Algeria
Kylian respects his parent’s origin country.

Despite facing such corruption, Kylian still says he will never deny his origin. The PSG talisman, who is currently helping France win back-to-back world-cup, claims regardless of which country he represents on the international stage, he will never repudiate his Algerian and Cameroonian ancestry.

Kylian’s dad is from Cameroon while his mother is from Algeria. Recently, he sent a beautiful warming message to both countries.

He said, “Cameroon and Algeria are a part of me. I support them both. My nationality is French, but my origins are Algerian and Cameroonian. I cannot deny my origins and I am very happy.”

That is such a beautiful gesture by Kylian as regardless of not being able to play for Cameroon, he still has respect for them.

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