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Mexico is set to ban Messi from entering the country: Why?

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Argentina vs Mexico was one of the most-watched games in this year’s FIFA World Cup 2022 due to the fact that it was like a do-or-die match for Argentina. If they had lost to Mexico then it would have been over for them to advance to the next stage, i.e., round of 16.

Fortunately for the La Albicelest, they stood out on top and won the match 2-0, one goal scored by Lionel Messi and one by Enzo Fernandez. Unfortunately, for Mexico, after the loss, their world cup journey was over. Although they won the match against Saudi Arabia, unfortunately, it wasn’t enough as Poland went ahead due to goal differences.

Playing in FIFA World Cup is a big thing for any country and when a team exits, it breaks many hearts. Likewise, Mexico’s heart too was broken when they bowed out of the group stage. Recently, it is reported that after their defeat against Argentina, a politician demanded that they barred the Argentinian captain, Lionel Messi, from entering their country.

Lionel Messi Shirt
Messi looked as if he stepped on Mexico shirt.

Messi didn’t just score the goal, he was also the center of attention after a video went viral in which the seven times Ballon d’Or winner is seen stepping over Mexico’s shirt while he was removing his boot from the shirt. This sparked a lot of outrage amongst the Mexicans. Famed boxer Canelo Alvarez even called out Messi over his Twitter account saying he wants to fight Messi after he disrespected his country.

A couple of days after the incident, Mexican president Maria Clemente Garcia Moreno urged her country to ban Messi. The Sun revealed that she asked for ‘persona non grata’ against Lionel. The legal document read,

“The Chamber of Deputies of the Honorable Congress of the Union respectfully urges the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to issue the corresponding Declaration in order to declare persona non grata within of the territory of the United Mexican States to the citizen of Argentine and Spanish nationality, Lionel Andres Messi Cuccitini, due to his manifest contempt and lack of respect towards Mexico during the World Cup of the International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) on Saturday, November 26, 2022.”

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