You are currently viewing Qatar World Cup 2022: Edinson Cavani destroyed VAR Screen after Uruguay Loss

Qatar World Cup 2022: Edinson Cavani destroyed VAR Screen after Uruguay Loss

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Ever since VAR was introduced, the football world changed for better or worse, the latter than can be said for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. In all its seriousness, VAR has its usage, however, the only caveat is the fact that it is up to the match officials to take the VAR or not which causes a lot of problems.

The same can be said about Uruguay and Ghana match on 2nd December. The final group stage between the two was do-or-die for Uruguay. They were trailing behind Ghana and Portugal and in order to be qualified for the round of 16, they needed to defeat the black stars and pray that South Korea doesn’t defeat Portugal.

Edinson Cavani Uruguay
Edinson was given a yellow card after he acted furiously against the referee.

Unfortunately for the South American team, the Asian team defeated Portugal 2-1 and whisked passed Uruguay to enter the round of 16 by a point difference. Had Uruguay scored 1 more goal against Ghana, they would have breezed passed South Korea.

After the referee blew the full-time whistle, a couple of Uruguayan players ambushed the match official Daniel Siebert. The players were furious after the ref didn’t award them the penalty during the final minutes of the match. Edinson Cavani was brought down inside the penalty box.

Cavani in particular became immensely angry over the VAR system that while walking down the tunnel, Valencia forward punched and threw the VAR screen to the ground. In the video below, we can see Cavani hurling the VAR screen to the ground as he walks inside the dressing room.

Regardless, Uruguay was eliminated from the Group stage for the first time in 20 years.

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