You are currently viewing Interesting facts about Bodybuilder Nathan De Asha: His Wife, Net Worth, Diet, and more

Interesting facts about Bodybuilder Nathan De Asha: His Wife, Net Worth, Diet, and more

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Nathan De Asha is a famous bodybuilder who has won titles including the Europa Pro, the Arnold Classic UK, and the Yamamoto Pro. Except for his recent withdrawals from important events, De Asha has been on the cusp of consistent superstardom.

Nathan is a man who likes to keep his physique in shape year-round. This he maintains by sticking with the gym and some sophisticated diet and supplements plan. As a result, his chest size, round shoulders, and mountainous biceps are some treats to look at.

De Asha is one of the key professional bodybuilders of IFBB and a sponsored performer from England who has been competing at several tournaments including Mr. Olympia. Know more about him in the headers below including how he got into this line, his route to extreme fitness, diets, training, and further.

Nathan De Asha Grew Up In A Poor Family In The UK

The Merseyside native Nathan De Asha was born on Dec 9, 1986. Nathan grew up in a poor area of Liverpool England. He was raised by a single mother on government welfare. His mom often struggled to make ends meet. Nathan once said when he was growing up he and his family didn’t have a lot of options. He didn’t go to a good school. De Asha also didn’t have good sports facilities or any good job prospects.

1.77 m tall professional bodybuilder from Liverpool England Nathan De Asha
IFBB Pro League athlete Nathan

At the beginning of his bodybuilding career, De Asha also pursued a degree in sports science with the intent to build knowledge in the fitness industry.

Nathan De Asha Body Building Career; Had Interest In Football

De Asha initially had an interest in soccer. He had even spent a decade playing semi-professionally for a local team. Nathan had also switched to the sport of rowing for a couple of years. It wasn’t until he was 18 years old that Nathan encountered weight training. He initially tried to put in extra pounds to help his football career. He eventually hit a local gym and started training and later began enjoying bodybuilding. He next started studying books on it and also created an excellent diet to go along with it.

The 2021 Europa Pro winner and Liverpool native Nathan De Asha
The 2021 Arnold Classic UK winner, Nathan De Asha

Nathan despite enjoying working out and making a physique still didn’t consider it as a long-term goal. It was one of his friends, Darren who convinced De Asha to think otherwise. The five-foot-ten inches tall Brit then took part in a local NABBA show at the age of 21. He won the competition and the subsequent confidence spurred Nathan to participate in other future events. He will now perform in NABBA Mr. Universe and Mr. Europe titles in addition to the junior title at the British championships.

De Asha got his Pro Card after winning the 2013/2014 British Championships. The IFBB performer made his pro debut in 2016. Since then he has competed in Mr. Olympia, (2016, 2017, and 2018) and won two professional competitions. In 2021, the Liverpool-born earned three victories. That year his first major win was the Europa Pro Championship followed by Arnold Classic UK. After that, he won Yamamoto Cup.

De Asha Missed Out On Olympia 2022 Due To An Injury

Nathan couldn’t make it to the 2022 Mr. Olympia after he suffered a biceps injury a month before the mid-December event. De Asha announced the news on Nov 7 2022 via an Instagram video where he talked about how he had torn his right biceps tendon in July 2022. The Englishman further revealed he missed most of his training and only started to do it in late October 2022. In the same year, he had also torn his left biceps tendon in Jan 2022. Due to this, he had to let go of his Arnold Classic UK title in March 2022.

He also owns and operates Prophecy Performance Centre in Liverpool UK.

De Asha Achievements

2006 NABBA Mr. Northwest                      Junior winner

2006 NABBA Mr. Britain                           Third, Junior

2006 NABBA Mr. Universe                        Third, Junior

2007 NABBA Mr. Northwest                      Junior winner

2007 NABBA Mr. Universe                         Fourth, Junior

2007 NABBA Mr. Europe                           Junior winner

2007 NABBA Mr. Universe                         Junior winner

2007 UKBFF British Championships           Junior winner

2010 UKBFF British Championships           Under 100 kg. Intermediate winner

2014 British Championships                       Heavyweight and Overall Champion

2016 IFBB Bodypower Pro                         Second place

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro                              Winner

2016 IFBB New York Pro                           Seventh place

2016 IFBB California Pro                           Second place

2016 IFBB Mr. Olympia                             Twelfth place

2016 IFBB Kuwait Pro                               Sixth place

2016 IFBB Ferrigno Legacy Pro                  Winner

2017 IFBB Mr. Olympia                             Seventh place

2017 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe               Fifth place

2017 IFBB Prague Pro                              Fourth place

2018 IFBB New York Pro                           Winner

2018 IFBB California Pro                           Winner

Nathan De Asha Has Been Arrested Several Times

On Feb 2021, Nathan posted a video on his Instagram which showed a group of police arresting him. The next day De Asha provided more information on the issue yet again through an Instagram video but this time he posted it on his gym’s Ig handle. He stated the police had arrested him over charges including kidnapping, assaulting the police, and reckless driving. In the second video, one could see around ten policemen surrounding Nathan, and one of them is seen throwing his knee at De Asha’s stomach. Soon the officials drag Nathan to the ground.

The arrest did appear to be aggressive in nature. At the time several other gym attendees also looked like they receive beatings from the police. This was all in relation to Nathan’s breaching the COVID-19 lockdown protocol by opening his gym. De Asha also had a confrontation with the law prior to this in the year 2020.

The police challenged him when they knew Nathan had kept his gym open despite the order to close down due to COVID-19. He later addressed the issue on Instagram and told his fans that he won the case and got permission to keep running his gym. Later in November of the same year, De Asha would once again have a beef with the law enforcers regarding the same issue. Over the years De Asha has had several troubles with the law. In 2017 he pleaded guilty to selling steroids and received a 12-month-long suspended jail sentence at Exeter Crown Court.

2016 IFBB Toronto Pro winner Nathan De Asha
2021 Yamamoto Cup winner Nathan De Asha

In 2011, Nathan was charged with encouraging looting and violence in Liverpool after police found him labeling the then Merseyside rioters as the “black kids of single mothers” on his Facebook. He subsequently received 20 months in prison at the time.

Nathan De Asha Has Two Kids; Who Is His Wife/Girlfriend?

Nathan apparently is in a relationship with his girlfriend Chantelle Cummings according to BBC news. Cummings was also one of those people who was arrested alongside Nathan. Chantelle who also goes by the name Chantelle Louise is supposedly an entrepreneur, an advanced anesthetics practitioner.

It however is unclear when and how De Asha and Cummings started their relationship. Furthermore, Chantelle has two kids, a son, and a daughter, but it is unknown if these children are from Cummings. Also, Nathan hardly mentions Chantelle, be it in interviews or on his social media.

Nathan De Asha Is Always On Steroid

During an interview in  Sep 2022, Nathan said he has been on a continuous cycle of Trenbolone, a steroid, for years. He admitted to having never been off Trenbolone. De Asha explained the reason he uses steroids is that he likes to remain strong in the gym and that he feels like the substance gives him the best results.


said the ex-football enthusiast.

IFBB professional bodybuilder Nathan De Asha
Liverpool-born professional bodybuilder Nathan De Asha

Nathan also revealed that he hasn’t had any negative reactions to it and that is why he loves it. The 36-year-old stated he won’t go off it unless his coach tells him to.

Nathan De Asha Training

Nathan hits his back muscles every fifth day. He does a short warm-up in the morning and then returns in the afternoon for a longer session. De Asha trains in Liverpool as well as in Kuwait.


In the morning he usually starts out with hyperextensions and deadlifts. He completes 15 reps of bodyweight Hypers. After that, his routine goes like

10 kilos for 15 reps

15 kilos for another 15

25 kilos for a drop set (10 reps with 25 kilos, 10 reps with 20 kilos, 10 reps with 10 kilos)


In the afternoon Nathan starts with four sets of pull-ups. He follows it up with four sets of pulldowns. Next, he does two single-arm exercises that comprise single-armed seated rows or hammer-strength pulldowns.

Nathan De Asha Training

Day 1Chest
Day 2Back
Day 3Arms (Trices am, Biceps pm)
Day 4Delts
Day 5Legs (Hams am, Quads pm)
Day 6Off
Day 7Repeat

Nathan De Asha Facts

NationalityUnited Kingdom/British
Date of Birth12/09/1986
Weight115kg/253 lbs

Nathan De Asha Diet And Supplements

Nathan, as per reports, also spends his time in Kuwait and in fact more so than his home in the UK. He therefore reportedly has become used to eating a Kuwaiti diet. The three-time Olympia participant loves to try out curried meat with rice.

In the meantime, he also consumes peppered pork steaks with cheesy potatoes.

As for supplements, the Toronto Pro winner takes heavy amounts of whey protein and pre-workout supplements, like amino acids, and vitamins.

Nathan De Asha Net Worth

Although the approximation to De Asha’s wealth is yet to be discussed or assessed, the professional bodybuilder, from the looks of his social media lifestyle, does look pretty well off. However, whether Nathan is a millionaire or not is quite a mystery. The Englishman, in any way, very well could have a net worth in the five figures considering that he owns a gym and is also an ambassador for Yamamoto, a sports nutrition company.

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