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Dan Cena, John Cena Brother is Married and a Father: He is a Policeman

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Dan Cena, 44, is a police officer from West Newbury, Massachusetts who is also known as the brother of the WWE superstar John Cena. Dan is one of the four brothers of the actor/wrestler. He is younger than John by a year.

Dan is a local boy turned protector of his own city and has been so since the late 90s. While not as famous as John, Dan does have quite a reputation in his hometown. His seniors have often described him as the best fit for the department because of his knowledge and experience of the job.

But how is the relationship between Dan and his older bro, John? What about his married life? Let’s find out here!

Key Takeaways

Dan is incredibly famous around the globe as the younger brother of WWE legend, John Cena.
His dad John Cena Jr used to work as a ring announcer at Chaotic Wrestling under the name, Johnny Fabulous.
He is a Police Officer Sergeant based in West Newbury, Essex County Massachusetts.
The star sibling became a cop at the age of 19.
Daniel Cena is married and has kids, but given he is an incredibly private guy, he has never talked about them. But we do know that he has a daughter named Ashlynn.
Cena was once in a life-threatening car accident that broke his leg and saw him out of active duty for quite some time.
Apart from John Cena, he has three brothers, Stephen, who is openly gay, Matt, a manager at a transport company, and Sean, who survived a major health scare.

Profile Summary

ParentsCarol Frances Lupien (Mother) and John Joseph Cena Sr. (Father)
SiblingsFour Brothers (Stephen, John, Matt, and Sean)
Relationship StatusMarried
Sexual OrientationStraight
EthnicityEnglish, French, and Italian

Dan Cena’s parents raised him in a big family

Dan grew up in West Newbury in a house of five boys. Born Daniel Cena on October 3, 1978, he is one of the five sons between Carol Frances Lupien and John Joseph Cena Sr. His dad worked as a former ring announcer for Chaotic Wrestling under the ring name, Johnny Fabulous.

Sgt and John Cena brother Dan Cena in August 2010
Sgt. Dan Cena of West Newbury Police Department in Aug 2010.

He has two older brothers Stephen and John and two younger brothers Matt and Sean. Growing up, the boys used to fight a lot and even had a number of runs with the law. John used to create wrestling belts out of cardboard and all five of them used to fight for it.

His Ethnicity

Dan belongs to Italian heritage from his father’s side while he is of French Canadian descent from his mother’s side. His mother also is part Colonial American (of English ancestry).

Dan’s maternal grandfather was a professional baseball player, Tony Lupien. Cena’s paternal ancestors hailed from Livorno/Leghorn, Province Of Livorno, Tuscany, and from Pontecorvo, Province of Frosinone, Lazio, Italy.

His Education

Cena went to Pentucket High School and later pursued a degree in criminal justice from UMass Lowell.

An Insight into His Brothers; One of them is openly gay

Dan’s brother, Matt aka Matthew the 4th child of the Cena family, born October 28th, 1980, manages Harrison Global Transportation and resides in Newton New Hampshire with his spouse Coverly and two daughters.

The youngest of the brood, Sean is quite private with his life although he did make an appearance in John’s documentary, John Cena: World Life. What we do know is the fact that he once faced a severe health crisis when he was diagnosed with an inoperable stage three brain tumor. Thankfully, he has beaten the health scare and is in remission.

The oldest Steve, was born September 29th, 1974, and works as a puppet actor and voice artist. What’s more, the oldest of the Cena brothers is openly gay. He is currently in a relationship with Darlando.

Is John Cena’s brother a police officer?

Yes, he is a policeman, and a pretty proud one at that. He currently serves in West Newbury, Essex County Massachusetts as a Police Sergeant.

Dan’s career as a law enforcer began in 1998 at age 19 when West Newbury hired him as their dispatcher and auxiliary police officer. Two years later, he would become their reserve (dispatch) police officer.

In 2003 Dan left town to work full-time in the Newbury Police Department. There he also attained the rank of sergeant. Dan was appointed to the West Newbury Police Department in July 2008. He was a municipal hire and was the story of a local son returning home to his roots.

Dan received unanimous votes from selectmen for the appointment. At the time, he was among the preference to fill the police department’s second sergeant’s position.

West Newbury police officer Dan Cena was recently promoted to sergeant after missing time after an automobile crash.
West Burry Massachusetts police officer Dan Cena, is also the brother of WWE wrestler John Cena. West Newbury

Dan’s brother, John, during an interview with Clarkson, said his police brother loves his work, and despite all that he never once takes it home with him. John added that for his brother, department, and unit are always above all else.

John Cena says his baby bro Dan became a Cop despite having issues with the law

In a surprising turn of events, John divulged that he finds it surprising that his brother is a policeman, despite his early life. So back when they were young, John and Dan were extremely naughty kids.  What’s more, their family home was often visited by local cops.

The 13 times WWE champion said,

“There might have been a few police stops at our house growing up. We both spent quite a bit of our youth and adolescence running from the law and one of us was like, ‘Man I can out do these guys. So I’m just gonna get involved.”

Dan Cena is a Married Man: Who is his Wife?

Although Dan hasn’t revealed what his personal life looks like or who is he married to, he is a family man who has a wife and at least a daughter. The details of his relationship have largely remained hidden as unlike John, Dan doesn’t get that much attention from the media. Dan was last publicly seen with his daughter, Ashlynn in Aug 2021.

Officer Mike Tullercash and partner K-9 Chapo, Sgt. Dan Cena of the West Newbury Police Department and his daughter Ashlynn.
Dan with his daughter, Ashlynn right, and Officer Mike Tullercash in Aug 2021. Facebook

The police officer’s celebrity brother John also has affirmed that Dan is a good husband and a good father. John when talking to Kelly Clarkson said his brother Dan “is a wonderful father, wonderful husband, and wonderful brother.”

Dan Cena was once in a near-death accident

John’s brother Dan once sustained a horrible accident where a fourth-time drunk driver hit him with his car at 76 miles an hour on Route 1. The accident took place in Feb 2007 when Dan was then working as a Newbury police officer just after Super Bowl.

According to live reports at the time, the sergeant’s cruiser was twisted into a pretzel after the mishap. This goes on to show the severity of the accident. Although his car couldn’t bear the brunt, he survived the incident and came out with a broken leg and lacerations.

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The medic team apparently needed to use the Jaws of Life to remove Dan from his vehicle.  The wrestler’s brother had to be out of work for a little while. He was taken to the Anna Jaques Hospital, Newburyport.

According to Dan, while the accident wasn’t life-threatening, it was worse as he could’ve ended his limbs. The recovery reportedly was quite hard.

Dan Cena Salary As A Policeman

Back in July 2008, Newbury Port News reported that his basic pay was $30.18 per hour which amounted to $1131.78 a week. His overtime pay back then was $45.27 per hour.

Dan’s current wage from his job as a police officer has not been revealed by the concerned authority, there do lie some old figures that more or less explain his salary.

Dan Once Fought His Brother, John Cena, Off The Screen

Dan apparently brawled with his wrestler brother in the summer of 2009. John during an interview with Jimmy Fallon in June 2021 said he and Dan entangled themselves in a physical fight and crashed his other brother, Matt’s wedding.

Ex WWE heavyweight champion John Cena with his brother and police officer Dan Cena
West Newbury police officer Dan Cena with his older brother John Cena

Cena revealed that he paid for the open bar at his brother’s nuptials but that didn’t go in his favor as after some time he and his other brother Dan became so drunk that they ended up quarreling at the dance floor. The conflict also caused the wedding to be closed.

“So, I found out it was a mistake when my brother Dan and I got into a fistfight in the middle of the dance floor and closed the wedding down.”

the 13 times WWE Championship winner recalled. He revealed while the guests at the wedding tried to stop the fight, his family wanted him and his brother, Dan to figure it out themselves.

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