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Clara Lashley is the mother of Kansas-born professional wrestler and mixed martial artist, Bobby Lashley (real name, Franklin Roberto Lashley). Clara’s son, Bobby is currently signed to WWE and performs on the Raw brand.

Lashley, an eight-time world champion, is the absolute personification of hard work; a status that he achieved through rigorous training. He has one of the most unique physiques in the entire WWE business and also in other wrestling franchises.

Lashley has attained success in the amateur wrestling format as well on the pro wrestling and the mixed martial arts cage. However, the fame hasn’t come to the 46-year-old without the struggle and support of his close ones. The piece down below will take a look at one of such relatives of Bobby, his mother. Pore over the details of her past life, her relationship with Lashley’s father, her career, and her contributions to her son becoming an elite athlete.

Clara Lashley Was Born In The Early ’50s, Supposedly In Panama

According to some public records, Lashley’s mother Clara was born in 1953 although the number is rather presumed.

WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley with his mother Clara Lashley in Aug 2022
Clara Lashley with her WWE star son, Bobby Lashley in Aug 2022. Facebook

It is also unclear what her past life looked like. While Bobby Lashley is of Panamanian, Barbadian, and Jamaican descent, it is unsure if his mother too hailed from the Caribbean nation. However, it has been said that both of the ex-WWE heavyweight champion’s parents are immigrants from the Panama Canal Zone, which in the past was a US territory.

Clara Lashley Professional Life

In light of the extreme obscurity that Clara has lived by so far, her current line of profession is a whale of a head-scratcher. However, as per some writings, she at some point used to work in administrative support including some clerical work. Yet again, the answers regarding her current daily pursuits are a bit ambiguous or rather undisclosed.

Clara Lashley Relationship with Bobby Lashley’s Father

Not much about Clara’s relationship with her children’s father, Franklin is known including when they married. It however has been assumed that they were husband and wife before relocating to the US. Clara’s husband (and Bobby’s father, Franklin Roberto Lashley) was the grandson of the Barbados couple, Joseph Lashley and Rosalie Troutman.

When together, Clara and her ex-husband welcomed three girls followed by a boy named Bobby Lashley.

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After becoming parents, Clara and her husband with their children used to move from one military base to another as her husband was in the army. According to public logbooks, the family relocated to places including Belleville, Illinois, Centennial, Colorado, Commerce City, Co, Parker, Co, Fort Riley, Kansas, and Junction City, Kansas.

While Lashley hasn’t revealed much about his parents, it has been reported that since his father used to be occupied mostly with his job as a drill sergeant, it was his mother Clara who solely took care of the daily affairs of the family.

Bobby and his three elder sisters went to Riley middle school.

Who Are Clara Lashley’s Other Children?

Clara’s eldest daughter is Jessica after whom she had her second daughter, Kathy. Her youngest daughter is Francisca. She was followed by her younger brother Bobby Lashley.

One of her daughters, Francisca is a forklift and press operator at Goodyear Warehouse, North Carolina. She apparently also works at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. Francisca is a graduate of Dodge City Community College and lives with her husband, Lynothan D Hunt in Fayetteville North Carolina.

EX MMA fighter Bobby Lashley with his sister, Francisca and mother, Clara Lashley
69-year-old Clara Lashley with her son, Bobby, and daughter Francisca. Facebook

Her other daughter Jessica is reported to be a resident of Killeen, Texas while Clara’s other daughter Kathy J Lashley presumably resides in Sumter, South Carolina, and is supposedly in the military career like her father.

Clara Played An Important Role In Son Bobby Lashley’s Career

In an interview with Sports Illustrated in Feb 2017, Lashley while talking about his ascension to success also discussed how his mother played an important role in his life. The two-time WWE Champion addressing people who underestimated him or thought that his success had rather come to him easily said that they were simply arrogant people, the ones who clearly don’t know.

“When people underestimate or think my success has come easily, that doesn’t bother me. There are ignorant people, ones who simply don’t know, all over the world. I went through the trenches,”

said the ex-navy man.

Professional wrestler and mixed martial artists Bobby Lashley with his mother Clara Lashley
Panama-born Clara Lashley with her son and WWE wrestler Bobby Lashley. Instagram

Lashley further added his family came from Panama and that he grew up in a single-parent household with his mother Clara. Bobby also revealed his mother couldn’t speak English at the time and wasn’t able to find any good job because of it. According to the Kansas-born fighter, his mother, Clara raised him and his sister all by herself. Bobby concluded that having to grow up with nothing was also something that motivated him as he always wanted to escape his past life.

Clara’s wrestler son additionally revealed how he used to boil water every morning and he absolutely resented that part of his life. Lashley said he trained on a whole other level to get out of those situations and that training was all he did and he did it harder every other day.

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