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Jessica Ljung is the wife of a professional hockey player, Kevin Fiala, a Swiss international who plays as a left winger for the Los Angeles Kings. Kevin and his partner, Ljung have been together since the early 2010s.

Jessica for some years has been gaining quite public attention for her affiliation with equally rising hockey star, Kevin. Although the couple is somewhat expressive about their love life with their fans on social media, Ljung’s life has been living under the radar.

So read on to know all that there is about Jessica in the write-up below; starting from her early life to how she met Kevin Fiala. Also, have a look at their wedding details and what Ljung does for a living.

Jessica Ljung Is A Swedish

Like her husband, Jessica too is a European. She however hails from Sweden unlike her spouse, who is from Switzerland, but it is unclear where her hometown is. Ljung is nonetheless reported to be a native of Jönköping.

Jessica who was born on March 21, 1995, is the daughter of Peter and Annica Alexandra Ljung. Fiala’s wife has two sisters, Anna-Maria Swardh and Hanna. In addition, she has a brother named Fredrik Ljung.

Ex hockey player and Sweden born wife of Kevin Fiala, Jessica Ljung
Jessica Ljung a Swedish and the wife of Los Angeles Kings left-winger Kevin Fiala. Facebook

The 27-year-old Mrs. Fiala now splits her time between her home in Sweden and Nashville, the USA. She understandably cruises through busy traveling schedules as she often moves back and forth to be with her partner, Kevin.

She reportedly also spent some time in Bratislava, Slovakia which apparently was at the beginning of her relationship with Kevin.

Jessica Ljung Also Used To Be A Hockey Player; What Does She Do Now?

Unlike Kevin’s biography which has been pretty much apparent to the outsiders, since the beginning, his wife’s professional whatevs has been a mystery. This supposedly is so because of her somewhat reservedness on social media particularly when it comes to sharing about her personal life beyond her relationship with Kevin.

The 26 year old NHL player Kevin Fiala with his wife, Jessica Ljung
Swedish-born Jessica Ljung with her husband and NHL player, Kevin Fiala. Facebook

Although Jessica, exists largely on Facebook and Instagram, the blonde Scandinavian has hardly talked about her life prior to getting the media’s attention. This also gives a sizeable ambiguity to her line of profession. She however is reported to have worked at Cherry Casino in Sweden during her early 20s.

NHL player Kevin Fiala's wife Jessica Ljung
Kevin Fiala’s wife once was a hockey player.

She likewise has also been presumed to be an ex-hockey player herself. People have apparently concluded this in light of a TBT picture that Jessica once shared on her Facebook which though now is no longer available.

Hockey is not a sport … but a lifestyle.

Ljung once wrote alongside a picture that included herself in a hockey kit and a stick.

Some on the basis of Jessica’s social media pictures have supposed that she now might be into fashion and fitness career.

Jessica and Her Husband Kevin Fiala Started Dating In 2014

Although Jessica and her athlete husband are yet to spill the beans on their initial romance, the couple reportedly met each other in Sweden in 2014. At the time, Kevin was playing for the Swedish Hockey League club, HV Jönköping also HV71.

Fiala has often stated his wife’s home, Sweden has always played an important role in his life. He went there when he was 16 and matured there as a professional hockey player. Later he would also make it into the NHL in Malmo and Jönköping and as mentioned it was also in Sweden where he met his future wife, Jessica.

Kevin proposed to his then-girlfriend Jessica on the beach in Los Cabos, Mexico in June 2021. The duo was then enjoying their vacation.

Los Angeles Kings left winger Kevin Fiala proposing to his then Swedish girlfriend Jessica Ljung
Swiss international hockey player Kevin Fiala asked his then-girlfriend Jessica Ljung in June 2021. Instagram

The couple later took to their Instagram to announce the news.

I couldn’t be happier to marry the best girl in the world.

wrote Jessica’s then newly turned fiancé. He also added,

I always knew that you were the one.

Back then both Jessica and Kevin were in their mid-20s.

Jessica Ljung And Kevin Had Their Wedding In Spain

The European couple married on paper rather quickly just a few days after their engagement. The two would still have a big wedding in Spain later.

NHL player Kevin Fiala and Jessica at their wedding in Spain
Jessica and Kevin celebrating their wedding in Spain. Instagram

Jessica and her NHL star husband, Kevin celebrated their nuptials in the Tamarit castle in northeastern Spain on Friday in August 2022. Around 76 guests attended the big day in Tarragona. To say more, the ambiance was within the confines of the open air with a sea view. Jessica and Kevin swore the vows in the port city of Catalonia. The NHL season, at the time, was still running.

Shortly after the wedding, Kevin uploaded a post on his Instagram with the caption,

My wife! I can’t wait to spend the rest of my life with you! I love you forever️.

Jessica reciprocated this with her own Ig post and a caption that read,

Kevin – you are the man of my dreams. I don’t know what I would do without you. But I know you make me the happiest girl in the world.

The Swedish woman since has given up her real surname and now mostly goes with her husband’s Fiala.

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