Top 5 Free-Kick goals in the history of World Cup

5) Teofilo Cubillas (Peru): The only one who scored a free-kick from outside his boot.

4) Francisco Arce(Paraguayan): He scored a free-kick from a wide left angle, no one expected him to score, but he did.

3) Bernard Genghini (France): His free-kick that went into the top corner shouldn't have gone in even if he had shot normally but France beat Austria 1-0.

2) Roberto Carlos (Brazil): Some shoots free kick with precision, some with whip, and Roberto here belts it as hard as he can against China in 2002 World Cup.

1) Jose Luis Sierra (Chile): His free kick goal against Cameroon took his team to the knockout stage. He shot up from the wall as the ball dipped in eventually.

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