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A Thorough Analysis of Group C FIFA World Cup 2022

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The World Cup festival has started and we’re sure you may have started to listen to the old world cup songs to get hyped up to support your favorite team. Right now social media feed of every person living on Earth is covered with world cup news. Contents on YouTube are starting to be World Cup based. People are making predictions and sharing them all over the internet. Finally, after four and a half years the world cup season is upon us.

People often choose their favorite player’s nation as their favorite team. So among people, Portugal and Argentina have the most popular as the two greats of the modern game, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi play for them. Today let us talk about Argentina and its group at the world cup. Argentina, Mexico, Poland, and Saudi Arabia are all set to represent their nation and try their best to get out of the group (C) and qualify for the knockout stage. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Saudi Arabia

The Asian side will be heading into this group with the least amount of chances to qualify for the next round. They will be aware of the threat that this group pose. Saudi Arabia will likely be playing the passive game throughout the tournament and will likely be looking for some counter-attacking chances. Saudi Arabia got to play with many other nations that qualified for the world cup before the tournament starts but the bad news is they just scored four goals in those nine games. Saudi Arabia needs goals to hang with the likes of Robert Lewandoski and Lionel Messi.

Saudi Arabia Football team ahead of one of their games for the FIFA world cup 2022, Qatar.
Saudi Arabia, Argentina first opponent in the FIFA World Cup 2022 group stage.

Key Player: Salem Al-Dawsari

Known as ‘The Tornado’ in the middle east. Salem has built his reputation on the winning goal against Egypt at the 2018 world cup. His goal secured the first win for Saudi Arabia in the world cup. Since the world cup, Salem Al-Dawsari has gained more reputation. He has been netting goals regularly for the Muslim nation whether it is a friendly or a competitive tournament.

Possible Starting XI

Goalkeeper: Al-Owais.

Defenders: Al-Ghanam, Al-Bulaihi, Al-Amri, Al-Shahrani.

Midfielders: Al-Faraj, Otayf.

Forwards: Al-Muwallad, Bahebri, Al-Dawsari; Buraikan.

Predicted Finish in the group: 4th

Records in the World Cup

Wins: 3

Loss: 11

Draw: 2


Mexico has qualified from the group stage in every tournament since 1994. Even though they qualify from the group stage they always face a loss during the round of sixteen. This time it looks like Mexico won’t even make it past the group stage. Mexican Football Association has been ignoring the fans on the issue of their coach, Gerardo Martino’Tata’. According to Mexican ultras, Tata has been choosing the wrong squad and is using the wrong tactics.

Mexico goalkeeper, Guillermo Ochoa celebrating after his penalty save against Poland at the FIFA World Cup 2022
Mexico goalkeeper, Ochoa saves a penalty against Poland in round one match of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Reuters

Mexico likes to get out in transition to try to score at will. Among their key attacking pieces is Raul Jimenez of Wolverhampton Wanderers, Hirving Lozano of Napoli, and the up-and-coming Santiago Gimenez of Feyenoord. Although Mexico has a talented defensive side they just can’t put up a quality show. They fail to control the game defensively. For Mexico’s Midfield, they don’t use the number 10. Instead, they use a flat-three in midfield, all of whom are defensive-minded. 

Key Player: Ochoa

A Mexico and World Cup legend, Ochoa has always delivered for his country on the big stage, regardless of how he has performed at the club level. Some of the many saves Ochoa has made over the years have gone down in tournament history and have been ranked right up there with the miraculous stop Gordon Banks made to deny Pele at Mexico in 1970.

Predicted Group Finish: 3rd

Strongest XI

Keeper: Ochoa; 

Defenders: Sanchez, Moreno, Araujo, Arteaga; 

Midfielders: Rodriguez, Herrera, Guardado;

Forwards: Lozano, Funes Mori, Vega.

Mexico WorldCup Statistics

Wins: 16

Draw: 14

Loss: 27


Poland is the favorite after Argentina to qualify for the round of 16. Poland has a very well-composed squad and they have Robert Lewandoski. The main challenge for Poland to qualify will be to beat Mexico. It’s almost a sure qualification if Poland manages to beat Mexico. The preferred formation for them is a 4-2-3-1, but we’ve also seen a 3-4-2-1 with three main defenders. The last formation makes a back-five in defense, but the key players in this formation will be the two central midfielders up top. Poland will try to counter-attack once they win the ball even against the teams lower ranked than them.

Barcelona forward and Poland international Robert Lewandowski
Poland striker and Barcelona forward Robert Lewandowski soon to face Poland at the FIFA World Cup round 2.

Key Player: Robert Lewandoski

Poland will try to pass the ball to Robert whenever they control the possession. Then they will just hope for the best from him. Lewandoski is Poland’s highest goalscorer. The Barcelona man is a vital cog for them. He is having a great run of form in Barcelona. He also is the front-runner for the Pichichi award.

Predicted Finish in the group: 2nd

Records in the Worldcup

Wins: 16

Draw: 5

Loss: 13


The clear favorite to win the group. The team is led by Leo Messi himself. Since Lionel Sebastián Scaloni became their head coach they have been flying high. They are currently unbeaten in 35 international matches which include 3 matches against Brazil. They play 4-4-2 and change towards 4-3-3 when they are in attack. Scaloni encourages his team to play with very high pressure and squeeze the midfield.

Key Player: Lionel Messi

When someone like Lionel Messi plays for your team, he is automatically your key player. The 7 times Ballon D’or winner will be the main man in Argentina’s Attack. He will also be responsible for controlling and motivating the team as he is the team captain. Messi who plays in the center is responsible for Argentina’s Spot Kicks. The All-time highest goal scorer of Argentina will be looking to play his second world cup final and will be determined to win it this time.

Lionel Messi is from Argentina.
Argentina has won World Cup two times as of 2022.

Predicted Finish in the group: 1st

Records at the World Cup

Wins: 47

Draw: 10

Loss: 24

World Cup Wins: 2

Argentina XI

Keeper: Martinez; 

Defence:Molina, Otamendi, Romero, Tagliafico; 

Midfield: Paredes, De Paul, Rodriguez; 

Forwards: Di Maria, Messi, Martinez.

These are the teams that are in group C. After all Football is an unpredictable game. We never know the winner until the Final Whistle.

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