You are currently viewing Football fans slams Cristiano Ronaldo after he attempted to steal Bruno Fernandes Goal

Football fans slams Cristiano Ronaldo after he attempted to steal Bruno Fernandes Goal

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Cristiano Ronaldo has once again come into hot waters despite his team Portugal winning and qualifying for the round of 16. The former Real Madrid star allegedly tried to claim the goal that was scored by his teammate Bruno Fernandes.

Bruno scored an absolutely stunning opening goal for the Seleção das Quinas which was contested by Ronaldo as he said it was him who scored it. In the 54th minute, Bruno took a shot that looked like a cross toward his teammates inside the 18-yard box, but somehow the goal went inside, helping the Portuguese lead against the South American team, Uruguay. However, as the curler was going inside, Ronaldo jumped, in order to score with a header, and to be honest, without any pretext, it seemed like he headed it all the way.

As soon as the ball went in, Ronaldo celebrated the big goal alongside his mates. But sometime later, instead of Ronaldo, Bruno was announced as the goal scorer on the big screen.

Although such incidents are normal as nothing matters as long as the team wins, eagle-eyed football fanatics throughout the world blasted Ronaldo for his ‘shameful’ action.

One wrote, “Ronaldo is so shameless.” 

Another one wrote, “Ronaldo is too shameless how’s he pretending it’s his goal when he knows there’s replays.”

A third post said, “It literally doesn’t even touch Ronaldo; that’s Bruno’s goal. He’s so shameless the way he runs off celebrating and claiming it.”

Cristiano Ronaldo Header Uruguay
Cristiano jumped and seemingly headed the ball inside the net, which was later denied.

Though the majority of these callouts are by Messi fanatics, one should take all these remarks with a grain of salt considering incident like these tends to happen now and then in the world of football.

After the match ended, Bruno added another goal after he scored from the spot kick right before the final whistle.

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