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Raphinha refers to Messi and Ronaldo in a dig towards Brazil fans

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In what would you say is one of the most heated statements in world cup football, Brazillian star Raphina has lashed out at his own fan for not treating Neymar with even a basic sense of respect.

The Barcelona winger called out Brazil FC fans for their hypocrisy towards Neymar and for not supporting him in this testing time. He took to his Instagram account to compare the treatment the PSG star gets in regards to how Messi and Ronaldo are treated by their fans.

Raphinha Neymar Brazil President
Raphinha defended his team-mate Neymar through is Instagram account.

He said that while Messi is treated like a god by the Argentinians and Ronaldo like a King by the Portuguese, Brazillian hopes that Neymar breaks his leg. In his own word, he wrote,

“Argentina fans treat Messi like a god, Portugal fans treat Cristiano Ronaldolike a king. Brazilian fans hope Neymar gets his leg broken, how sad.”

His remarks didn’t stop there as he further added,

“The biggest mistake of Neymar‘s career was to be born Brazilian, this country does not deserve his talent and his soccer.”

As soon as Raphina posted this on his Instagram, many of his fans showed their support after he came in defense of his countrymen. Meanwhile, there were some who showed their dissent towards his statement.

So why are Brazillian fans angry over Neymar?

As many of us who are not from Brazil, we are sure you might be confused as to why are Brazillian not supporting Neymar after suffering a major injury scare in their first group match. Well, all this came to be after Neymar showed his support for Brazil’s far-right incumbent Jair Bolsonaro, who is indirectly involved in the death of 50,000 Brazillian during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Neymar Supporting Brazil President Jair
Neymar showed his support for Jair which made him a villain in the public eye.

People all over the South American country are protesting against Bolsonaro and after Neymar inadvertently supported him, the same people also criticized him. Lula Silva, the current president-elect of the country accused Neymar of supporting Jair in order to have his tax debt written off.

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