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What could’ve been? Kylian Mbappe wanted to play for Cameroon, but what happened?

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Kylian Mbappe, one of the biggest superstars of the 2022 Qatar World Cup, wouldn’t be playing for the France football team if it weren’t for corruption. Yes, you read it right, apparently, Kylian’s Cameroonian father Wilfried Mbappe wanted his son to play for his paternal team, however, he withdrew after a member of the Cameroon FA asked for money from the youngster.

In an interview with Kylian’s dad, he revealed all that transpired between him and the Cameroon Football Association. Mbappe, who was born in Paris, to an Algerian mom and African father, wanted to play for the Cameroon national team, his father’s home country.

It was back in 2018, Wilfried went to Cameroon FA to ask if his son can play for the Indomitable Lion’ squad, however, one member of the FA asked for a bribe, before Kylian could make it into the central African squad.

Kylian Mbappe Father
Kylian with his father, Wilfried.

In an interview with Cameroon Concord News, Wilfried said,

“At first, I wanted my son to play for Cameroon but, someone at the Cameroon Football Federation charged a sum of money that I didn’t have to make him play.”

On the other hand, the France FA didn’t ask for any sort of bribe from the Mbappe family. Wilfried further added,

“The French didn’t charge anything.”

One would really wonder how everything would have shaped out for the Les Blues if Kylian played for Cameroon. Fortunately for them, the PSG star plays for the European country.

Well, this revelation by Kylian’s father tells us a lot about how corruption is ruling the football world. Although Kylian made a big name of himself due to his sheer talent, there are many who become obscure into the darkness.

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