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Why Argentina lost against Saudi Arabia?

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Absolutely shameful! Argentina FC, one of the top contenders for the 2022 Qatar World Cup, lost to Saudi Arabia. In other news, the sky is blue.

As much as we’d like to appreciate how the Arab nation played against the two-time world champion didn’t play like their former selves. In fact, they were a far cry from what we’d hoped the team was after being undefeated for the last 36 games. But then again, this team sure knows how to perform terribly when there’s an actual need.

Although it is just a game where winning and losing is all part of it, something about Argentina’s defeat doesn’t bode well with the majority of football fanatics. Saudi didn’t win just because they were strong but because the La Albiceleste didn’t give it their all.

Throughout the match, we all witnessed how Saudis played as if their life depended on it, whereas Lionel Scaloni’s side didn’t even bother to play at their 50 percent let alone full potential. Yes, it’s true, and if you don’t agree then take a look at the full match once again and see their difference.

Argentina vs Saudi Arabia lost (1)
Saudi won the game 2-1.

From constantly falling into the offside trap to defending like the Pokemon Slowpoke, it was downright humiliating to watch the match. Each and every one of the players made a lot of pathetic decisions and the worst part of it all, they didn’t even try to win. Like, when you know you are being offside quite literally every time you make an attack why aren’t you changing your game plan, or is your pride so great that you don’t consider Saudi Arabia a challenge?

Boss Lionel Scaloni was in such awe of what had transpired that he even forgot how to coach anymore. Captain Leo wasn’t a godsend either. When you know your team is lacking in many aspects, you need to step up and change the strategy, not repeat the same mistake. It’s an absolute tragedy that Argentina was found offside so many times that maybe even the statistician lost count. Three of their goals were disallowed due to the offside call.

After the humiliating defeat and probably the biggest upset in any World Cup finals, Coach Scaloni had this to say,

“It’s tough to process why in five minutes they scored two goals on us. We have no choice but to lift ourselves up. Today is a sad day. The first half was all us. Without the offsides [goals disallowed] on another day they would’ve been goals.”

From the statement alone it is evident the man has no shame. Like he is literally saying the goals that were disallowed would have been goals on another day. So you’re saying you need not look into what you did wrong but somehow try to play the victim card by blaming it on the VAR system. What a total farce!

Truth be told, at the end of the day Saudi came out as the best team and from now onwards, Argentina will have to step up their games if they want to have any shot at the world cup.

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